Exercise Tools

I was driving in moderate peak hour traffic early this morning- so everyone was late to work and driving fast. I was going up a hill at around 50kph (because of course any faster would have been breaking the speed limit), and I could see a girl on a pretty ordinary bicycle weaving up the


Let’s have a look at our sport gear today and probably the most important part, (and often the most neglected), – SHOES. Here we have one universal rule “MATCH YOUR FOOTWEAR TO YOUR SPORT”. Can you imagine a wrestler without wrestling shoes? Or can you imagine going for a serious hike without a proper hiking
Sore knees can be a disaster for your exercise- such a small joint can be SOOO debilitating. There’s a lot that can go wrong with the knees, and obviously, correct diagnosis from a professional is always your ideal option. If you haven’t had a direct injury and your knees bother you going downstairs one cause