Are you an office worker suffering from neck and shoulder pain? The solution to neck and shoulder pain could lie within a better understanding of functional training. The damage you do to your body from a sedentary life – tight hip flexors, tight calves, weak glutes and lower abs, rounded shoulders, poor neck posture and
If you’re anything like me- when people have talked about functional training you will have smiled sagely and tried to look intelligent whilst secretly wondering what the hell they were talking about. Functional training is directly linked to functional movement : It’s really very straight forward and very sensible. Functional training has its roots in
To burn fat you must throw your body into glycogen depletion. This is when your body will really start burning fat for fuel during any sort of endurance activity. When you’re doing short explosive movements the body uses glycogen, (blood sugar), for fuel. A set of curls burns something like 40 grams of carbohydrate, (there’s


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