5 Basic Rules For Success and  Longevity

May 24, 2017


New to Training?    5 Basic Rules For Success and  Longevity

Many people join a gym in a flush of enthusiasm which quickly dissipates when results aren’t happening. Here’s a few simple tips to keep you going forward.

  1. Establish a goal/goals. Goals are really important. What is also important is that they are realistic. Short term and long term goals are important. These will provide a sense of purpose and a sense of achievement. Write them down- sounds a bit self-helpy, I know; but when you write something down it gives you a sense of commitment.

  2. Consistency is the key. Even a bad workout is better than no workout; so if you’re having a rough day, still try to make it. Aside from maybe cheering you up with an endorphine rush, it also establishes a habit. Once it becomes part of your routine, it’s not hard to come in- it’s just something you do.

  3. Know what you’re doing. Knowledge gets results.  Incorrect technique leads to injuries, (worst case scenario), or just no results. Learn how to make the most of your time here. You can flounder around for two hours and achieve nothing or spend forty-five minutes and get huge benefits.

  4. Make sure it’s fun. Exercise will only benefit you if you enjoy it.  You can have the best programme in the world, but if you don’t enjoy doing it, then chances are you’ll only stick to it for only two weeks. Find things that are enjoyable- then you’ll be exercising long term.

  5. Training buddies can be great. If you don’t have one, then be accountable to yourself. At the end of day, treat yourself like you would treat a friend.










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