Exercising in winter is a challenge.  If your visits to the gym are a less frequent than they were earlier in the year, here are some tips to help motivate you back into regular training.


Plan your work out week

Make a schedule plotting your sessions among your other appointments for the week.  If you have little time on a particular day, schedule a short duration higher intensity workout.  If you have more time to devote to exercise such as on the weekend, then plan a longer session.  Once it’s in your calendar, you will be more likely to see it and adhere to it.


Prepare your gear

Lay it out the night before for a morning workout, or as a reminder for an evening session after work, or just take the clothes to work with you….the key is to have everything prepared so getting organised isn’t a chore in itself.


Train for an event

Choose an upcoming local event to work towards, such as the Iron Cove Bay run, City to Surf, and Sydney Running Festival.  Register, enter it into your calendar, and tailor your strength and conditioning workouts towards it.


Set another goal

If running isn’t for you, then set another goal.  The most common drive to exercise is to lose weight.  It’s easy to put on some kilograms during the dark winter months.  It might be cold now, but Spring isn’t far away and you will want your body to be looking great early in the new season to show it off.


Try something new

Variety is the spice of life, so why not attempt something different?  The gym has a range of different classes for you to try from Spin, HIIT, Circuits, and Boxing, to Body Pump, Body Attack, and Body Combat.  There are also less intense options such as Yoga and Pilates to keep you flexible and active.


If you’re more into resistance training then mix up your weight implements, and set and rep schemes.  Learn to use kettlebells in your workouts, and vary your set and reps beyond the standard 3x10 prescription.


Bring a friend

You wouldn’t want to disappoint a friend, so plan your work out times with them and exercise together.  You will both hold each other accountable.


Consult a trainer

If your friends don’t share your want to exercise, then contact a trainer for a few sessions to get you back into the groove.   


Be inspired

With Wimbledon and the Tour de France in full swing, and the International Athletics Championships not far off either, the world’s best are in peak condition.  Allow their performances to inspire you to be active as well.


Focus on the benefits

Don’t dwell on the cold.  You know exercising is good for you and you will feel great once you’re finished.  Get in here and do it!



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