The Basics of Muscle Gain

September 26, 2017


I found these guidelines and we thought it was interesting enough to include in this months blog.


Category                          Rate of Muscle Gain (Men)                  Rate of Muscle Gain (women)

Beginner                          1-1.5% total body weight/month         0.5-0.75% total body weight/month

Intermediate                   0.5-1% total body weight/month        0.25-0.5% total body weight/month

Advanced                         0.25-0.5% total body weight/month   0.125-0.25% total body weight/month


We need to look at things logically and break down what it all means. A 70kg male, new to training, has the potential to gain 0.7- 1.0 kg of muscle mass per month, (on average). A 60kg woman can on average gain 0.3-0.5 kg of muscle per month in the early phase of training.


So gaining mass is not as easy as some people think. Diet is a huge factor and the caloric intake varies from person to person. Hard gainers often have a high level of ‘Non-exercise activity thermogenisis (NEAT). These people burn fat just standing around but also easily burn up muscle tissue, (catabolise).


Gaining muscle- whether you just want to tone up a bit or put on some serious size- is hard work.

The longer you do it- the less gains you get.


It requires consistency and diligence. It isn’t something that just happens overnight. (Personally, I wish it did).

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